PARKS 20.2 (November 2014)

PARKS 20.2Parks Journal 20.2

26 October 2014 | Downloads – publication

Edited by Sue Stolton and Nigel Dudley, Equilibrium Research and IUCN WCPA

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DOI: 10.2305/IUCN.CH.2014.PARKS-20-2.en

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DOI: 10.2305/IUCN.CH.2014.PARKS-20-2.en 

Publishing for the Protected Area Community: A Vision for PARKS from its Editorial Board

Thora Amend, Tom Brooks, BC Choudhury, Lauren Coad, Nigel Dudley, Marc Hockings, Cyril Kormos, Nikita (Nik) Lopoukhine, Wayne Lotter, Kathy MacKinnon, Helen Newing, Kent H. Redford, Sue Stolton and Bas Verschuuren


The Future Role of National Parks: Introducing the ‘Revisiting Leopold’ Report and Responses

Jonathan B. Jarvis


Revisiting Leopold: Resource Stewardship in the National Parks

Dr. Rita Colwell, Dr. Susan Avery, Dr. Joel Berger, Dr. Gary E. Davis, Dr. Healy Hamilton, Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, Dr. Shirley Malcom, Dr. Ann McMullen, Dr. Michael Novacek, Sir Richard J. Roberts, PhD, Dr. Richard Tapia and Dr. Gary Machlis


PARKS Responses

Response and Reaction to the Paper ‘Revisiting Leopold’ from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife

Brighton K. Kumchedwa and William O. Mgoola


‘Revisiting Leopold’ in the Context of Tanzania National Parks and Tanzania as a Country

Allan J H Kijazi


‘Revisiting Leopold’: A European Perspective

Rauno Väisänen


Parks Canada Comments on the ‘Revisiting Leopold’ Report

Alan Latourelle


Developing a Monitoring Programme for Mammals in Himalayan Protected Areas: A case study from Khangchendzonga National Park and Biosphere Reserve, Sikkim, India

Sambandam Sathyakumar, Tapajit Bhattacharya, Tawqir Bashir and Kamal Poudyal


Empowering the Next Generation to Connect with Nature: A Global Movement

Nikita Lopoukhine, Keith Wheeler, Karen Keenleyside, Cheryl Charles, Rebecca Koss and Robert Nicoll


Geoconservation in Protected Areas

Roger Crofts and John E. Gordon


A Preliminary Assessment of Protected Area Management within the WWF ‘Coastal East Africa’ Priority Place, Eastern Africa

Kathryn Knights, Ivon Cuadros, Camilo Zamora, Lauren Coad, Fiona Leverington, Brian O’Connor, Marcelo Gonçalves de Lima, Naomi Kingston, Fiona Danks, Marc Hockings, Isaac Malugu, Peter Scheren, Elizabeth Ngoye, Peter J. Stephenson and Neil D. Burgess


Conservation Trust Funds, Protected Area Management Effectiveness and Conservation Outcomes: Lessons from the Global Conservation Fund

C. Bonham, M.K. Steininger, M. McGreevey, C. Stone, T. Wright and C. Cano


Conserving Biodiversity in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Brief History, Current Trends and Insights for the Future

Bila-Isia Inogwabini


New Steps of Change: Looking Beyond Protected Areas to Consider Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures

Harry D. Jonas, Valentina Barbuto, Holly C. Jonas, Ashish Kothari and Fred Nelson


Socio-Economic Impacts of Protected Areas on People Living Close to the Mount Cameroon National Park

Eric Djomo Nana and Norbert Ngameni Tchamadeu