Welcome to PARKS


Welcome to PARKS: The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation 

A note from the editors 

PARKS: The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation is published by IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). It is published twice a year as an online (www.iucn.org/parks), open-access and peer reviewed journal. The language is currently English, with abstracts in French and Spanish.

We aim for PARKS to be a rigorous, challenging publication with high academic credibility and standing. But at the same time the journal is and should remain primarily a resource for people actively involved in establishing and managing protected areas, under any management category or governance type. We aim for the majority of papers accepted to include practical management information. We also work hard to include authors who are involved in management but do not usually find the time to report the results of their research and experience to a wider audience. We welcome submissions from people whose written English is imperfect as long as they have interesting research to report, backed up by firm evidence, and are happy to work with authors to develop papers for the journal.

PARKS is published with the aim of strengthening international collaboration in protected area development and management by:

• promoting understanding of the values and benefits derived from protected areas to governments, communities, visitors, business etc;

• ensuring that protected areas fulfil their primary role in nature conservation while addressing critical issues such as ecologically sustainable development, social justice and climate change adaptation and mitigation;

• serving as a leading global forum for the exchange of information on issues relating to protected areas, especially learning from case studies of applied ideas;

• publishing articles reporting on recent applied research that is relevant to protected area management;

• changing and improving protected area management, policy environment and socio-economic benefits through use of information provided in the journal; and

• promoting IUCN’s work on protected areas.

We aim for each issue to include an editorial, around ten original peer reviewed papers, plus some non-peer reviewed articles including letters (a right of reply to previous papers) and book reviews.

Peer reviewed papers will range from reviews and policy analyses, to relevant research, succinctly reported. Prospective authors are invited to check the author’s guidelines before submitting papers (see: www.iucn.org/parks); please also write to the editors if you want to check whether something is likely to be of interest.

The journal stems from and is supported by the IUCN WCPA and peer reviewers are primarily drawn from amongst Commission experts. Please let us know if you would be willing to review draft papers. And please give us feedback on content, style and other issues: the journal will continue to develop in response to the needs of readers.

Sue Stolton (sue@equilibriumresearch.com) and Nigel Dudley (nigel@equilibriumresearch.com)

April 2013

Sue Stolton and Nigel Dudley of Equilibrium Research are both members of the IUCN WCPA and work as consultants on protected area issues, covering everything from practical work on field projects through to research, assessment and policy advocacy. They are based in the UK.